We all have either stood in the witness stand or been a judge of others. However judgement is very tricky, because in every judgement their is always some bias. In my school was a girl – bright and intelligent – she was especially good in English. The class teacher use to dote on her and in English she always came first. She was tipped to top the School board in English. When the results came she got above average score but nowhere close to the top. The boy who came first was a good student but never the brilliant one in our class. Why? It was due to bias. One explanation, the class teacher was so biased that she inadvertently overlooked this young girls mistake many times leading to inflated marks.Thus the mystery for was solved. That same teacher who was good friends with my aunt, told her that I would account for nothing and for a while I believed it. Even now she has difficultly believing that I finished my Ph. D. Teachers who are always in the judgement seat need to be careful not to fall into such trap of bias.What I have learnt from those and other biases I have faced are 1) Believe in yourself 2) Don’t judge or underestimate anyone 3) Don’t let others dictate your life 4) Have a good mentor in your life 5) Be a mentor to others.


This is a typical village in India lined with its small shops and houses, some better than others. There are acres upon acres of farm land that is surrounded by beautiful hills and rivers. The Tunga and the Badravathi river run close by. In the mud paved bylanes of a small village of Narispura in Karnataka you can find Vaidya naryana murthy humble home where three days a week he distributes medicines to cure all kinds of ailments.

To get to Narisipura you have to get to Anandapura first. Anandapura is about 20 kilometers from Sagara and about 60 kilometers from Shimoga. Both these towns are well connected by bus or train from Bangalore and other major cities. Once you reach Sagara you could hire a cab or take a local bus to Anandapura, from there take a rickshaw to Narisipura. Once you reach Anandapura you can ask people and they will guide you to Narayamurthy’s home. Another route is through Shimoga which is good size tourist town, private vechiles ply from Shimoga to Anandapura, from there you take a auto rickshaw. The rickshaw drivers make a killing out of this enterprise.

Once you reach the place, you are sure to find a long line of people who travel from all parts of India and sometimes abroad. There is no good food joints or even proper drinking water or proper toilets. On any given day the wait could be anywhere between a 3 hours to 12 hours. I waited for 10 hours in the queue without food or water before I could meet him. If you bring in a sick patient you can go inside without waiting. There are always touts and other nasty kind who would jump queues making it more difficult for the honest minded. You will find all kinds of people but mostly people from rural areas with little means to afford other kind of medications. The good thing is there is no special line you have to wait in queue and get your medication. Things could be organized a bit effectively and can reduce the wait times by half, but then there is little motivation to do that. Such places might is right, so be on the look out.

The dispensary is open Thursday/Saturday evenings, and Sunday the whole day. Best day is Thursday, avoid Sunday if possible. After a long wait once you manage to meet him, you will have a couple of minutes at the most. At this point you will most likely be exhausted, parched and disoriented. So make sure you have a list of questions you can ask him. Also make sure you have reports and are succinct with your answers to his questions. With the medications he gives instructions. For cancer cases he has instructions printed in a pink slip in different languages. Sometimes they run of these slips so instructions are given verbally, usually in kannada. If you don’t know Kannada it would be a little difficult, since Narayanamurthy converses only in Kannada, a little bit of Hindi, tamil but not much. His son and Mr. Reddy who assist him also speaks only kannada. If you speak to them in English they usually converse back in Kannada. Therefore make sure you take your time understanding the instructions. For example in my case, he said three spoons with lime water after food, what spoon size I forgot to ask. If you forget something you can go back in without standing in queue, so before you leave make sure that you have your checklist ready and ensure you have asked all the questions. He is usually very patient given the fact that he is in his mid 60’s and dispenses these 12-14 hours straight.

Lot of people wonder of the effectiveness of the medications. Part of it is faith and other is the effect, if you believe then things will happen. As per the one of the documented that featured him, Ayurveda the art of being, research with IISC showed that the medicines are potent for cancer. While waiting in queue I met a person from Bangalore who was coming here the fourth time. His brother had 4th stage cancer that had spread to the lungs and all around his body below the throat. He showed scan report that showed the before and after, and reduction of almost 70% after these medications. His brother is also under chemo, so depending on what you want to believe you can decide for yourself. Most people I spoke to said they had positive impact especially for cancer and stones (kidney/gall) related cases. It is certainly lot better and cheaper than traditional medication, especially if not life threatening.

His charge is fixed 100 rupees per medication, so if you go for a kidney stone and eye problem it is 200 rupees. I will continue to update as I get information on my dad’s conditions and his response to this medication of narayana murthy.

Please share you experience and updates in the comments section.

Update Aug 12th 2014

Depending on the grade of cancer, the success rate of Chemo can vary from 90% and below. Some people respond well to chemo while others dont, it depends on the general health condition of the patient. The will to survive and having a positive outlook plays a very important role in the patient recovery. Not only the patient but his family needs to be cool and be positive at all times. Like Chemo, Narayana murthy’s medication works on some and does not on others. It will depend on your faith on the treatment and letting the medicine do its job. Like Chemo, there are side effects in some patients that may include pain, discomfort or even nausea. Once you are committed please go through with it. If it does not seem to work after one cycle then you may discontinue. His medications can also be taken with Chemo, it is advised to stop it during the days the patient gets chemo. So plan your cycles accordingly. Once you make the medicine it will be good to finish it within the prescribed period to maintain its potency, so if you are doing a 9 day session with Murthy’s medication, make sure there is no break due to chemo/radio session.

Update Dec 29th 2014

My dad took one dose of his medicine and is so far cancer free. He had some loose motions but no other side effects during the treatment. Due to his age no Chemo was recommended. We plan to get him his next dose in January 2015.

Reflections into one self are an important aspect of the spiritual journey

Reflections into one self are an important aspect of the spiritual journey

As I sit into meditation every day the mind reflects, and every time it reflects it goes a bit deeper than before. When the mind is perturbed there are no clear reflections. By stilling the mind  reflections happen. As the reflections become clearer the confusions subside and the path becomes vivid.  The less ripples we create in the mind the more clearer the reflections. The more you meditate the less ripples get created. So let go and relax.



If I were to tell you that all roads you take lead to an end, and at the end of this road is a deep abyss. Once you reach there, there is no turning back and you have to take a plunge. If I were to tell you that… you will tell me I just want to be right here and now… don’t want to drown in that abyss. That is how most of us live, by fooling ourselves that there is no abyss. Now for some of us this road is full of happiness and pleasures, while for others it is pain and suffering. But the end is the same for all of us.

This road, is the road of life and the abyss is death. We try to find meaning in life’s existence, but what if there was no meaning? What if the death is not the end, but a beginning of another road to another end. It is like one of those dreams, where you wake up inside a dream, and you think you have gotten up even though you are still dreaming. If we think about it we will find there is no meaning in life nor in death. People commit suicide because they want to end their miserable existence, but what if they knew there is no end even in death?

Almost every day, I ask myself what is the meaning of my existence. Till now I have no answers that make sense. Some people believe death is the end, if that is so why not live in love and peace and enjoy the journey. The very people who believe that are miserable and make others miserable. Others tell me there is life after death, and this is an unending journey. That is like a dream within a dream where you never wake up, that is even more scary to me. Still others believe in immortality, I don’t understand this one. Do I want to live for ever, even if in an ethereal body, that is a scary thought! Still others tell me about the great ocean of the cosmos where you will be assimilated, reminds me of the Borg in Star Trek where everyone gets assimilated into the supreme. You without your identity, part of the whole?! Not too happening. There are other theories that talk about Saints/Gods that control everything and tell me I am puppet. I don’t have control on my life. I sure don’t like that. And there are many many more…

All of the above are meaningless and scary (at least to me), and because there are so many versions of the truth, I believe none of this is true at all. All this is bull shit that is limited by our imagination, when we try to describe the unlimited with our limited mind. My answer is, live in the present, be good, and don’t worry about life after death. You will know once you are on the other side (if there is one)!

If music is the food for the soul play on!! Music is an amazing medium that can transcend the mind from the senses into the spirit. Not surprisingly some of the great saints in the world have used the medium of music for their transformation. Kabir and Surdas are two great examples in the Indian history who’s music was divine, and who reached divinity through their music. One of my favorite numbers of Kabir is Naiharwa. In this couplet the poet describes the longing for the divine in a few lines. Just like a lover misses their beloved, so much so that nothing can peek their interest except the union with their beloved, that same longing the poet expresses for the divine. This song creates the right mood for the mind to digress deep and lose touch for a few moments with the sensual world.

The day when my mind is overworking because their is so much to do, a piece of music like this calms me down and makes me realize the beauty that exists within each one of us. This beauty expressed through music connects us for a few moments with the divine. When we hear a lovely melody, the mind goes “aha” because in those moments it comes in touch with the inner divine, questions become wonder and the mind transcends.

PS: Some best renditions of the song can be found in Youtube. Recommended ones are by Rishi Nityapraya, Kumar Gandharva, Rashmi Agarwal, Kailash Kher and Puskar Lele.

I love stories especially ones where there is more than meets the eye. Some movies are thought provoking and provide a steady feast of spiritual knowledge, only if you care to look. The movie “Life of PI” has extraordinary spiritual undertones and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The most significant is how PI Patel, deals with the tiger. For me the tiger in the movie represents “fear” and the consequences of facing this fear; death. How PI deals with this fear, something that is on his face all the time is truly significant. The first thing he tries to do is to run away or ignore it. When we face a death of a loved one, we tend to ignore it as if it is never going to happen to us, even feeling sorry for the one who died. But we all know that the more we resist the more something persists.
The next thing PI does is confront the fear. Confrontation is a good way to deal with small fears, but when we are faced with something we are more deeply affected by, then this simply does not work. The fear comes back to hit you a vengeance, especially when you are most vulnerable.
Next, PI the tries to train the tiger. Training the fear, understanding it roots and where the fear originates is more useful then either of the above. This helps to deal with the problem by maintaining a fair distance from it and remaining calm during the advent of fear. This allows you to better respond and not simply react to that situation. Say if you are afraid of confrontation because of something in your past, you will be able to better deal with it when you train yourself to respond to it.

Finally after many tries PI finally surrenders when he realizes that the only way to survive is to embrace the fear. Once he does that the fear disappears and what was his biggest weakness, becomes his strength that allows him to live. Most of us suffer because when we face a problem in our life we don’t know how to deal with it, Life of PI attempts to offer some solutions.

Service is a gift and to serve is our duty. Service if done with devotion allows you to create a space within yourself. This space expands during meditation, when fully nourished this space can encompass the whole world where everyone is treated with the same honor and respect. Just like a bigger home as a lot more space for things, a bigger mind has a lot more space for dealing with challenges with compassion. Divine love is compassion personified, to accept everyone as your own and is grow out of the small home to a bigger home is the objective of service. Organized service, something done as a chore is limited in value and therefore even after doing it you remain untouched. Service without devotion has no value to the human spirit. Engage in spontaneous service and you will see that will bring you much more satisfaction. If you make a resolution to do one good thing every day, however small or big, you will see the change in your life.