The Journey

I have had to work hard for everything in life & spirituality is no different. I come across many people who try to realize the truth for their whole life and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it seems to be the story of my quest. What I have realized that some people are blessed, weather it is a talent in sports or music or intellect or spirituality. It comes naturally, and does seem all unfair at times. Spiritual pursuit like other worldly pursuit is not easy, and more so when you are not blessed. You have to work hard on it, and the biggest difference you wont notice anything tangible for years or lifetimes. Only when you are completely consumed by the inner fire that nothing else matters, will truth dawn. So next time you read an inspiring spiritual book, don’t get swayed by the magical world & think it will happen to you tomorrow. If you hear you inner voice telling you how it is not working the next time you sit, just be with your self and be grateful for what you have. Be here now!


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