What is it? So many books written, so many people talk about it, so many seers experienced it. It is a halo around your head? Is it magical powers granted to you by supernatural? What is it? I think it is for each one to experience, it is not a concept or a thing to be remembered. In essence it is freedom, freedom from what? Freedom from the senses, sense objects and the bondage of life. We have learnt a lot about freedom, about freedom of choice, but we rarely have choice in certain important matters in life. We don’t have choice over death, choice over the economy, the weather etc etc. While we can influence certain matters, not everyone can influence everything. We are bound because we are unaware of it and in this binding we talk about freedom. Being aware is the first step and being free is the next step. Most of us have experienced some form of freedom in our life, think when we were kids or young young adults in love and world was our oyster. As one master said enlightenment is a process of going from being a somebody to a nobody to an everybody.


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