File:Tug of war, at Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan.jpg

Tug of War: Source Wikimedia Commons

Think you are caught in the middle of tug of war, pulled constantly in both directions with no where to go, that is how it feels like when the mind is caught between opposites. This  a sort of vacillation results in a disturbance. A disturbed mind cannot focus on thing at hand, is constantly seeking attention, is churning… trying to break free. When can it break free? When one of two things happen, the cause of disturbance is sorted out or you realize the disturbance and the source of it. While the former can take a while to happen, the latter can happen almost instantly. If you bring to your awareness the disturbed nature of your mind and put your attention on it, the disturbance vanes. This process may take many iterations before the mind can be brought to rest. So being aware is the first step towards working on your disturbed state. The second step is employing the breath along with awareness, this I will deal with in a later blog.


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