Getting away

There are moments in my life where I want to  get away from the world for sometime and be with myself. Those are difficult times because I know I cannot afford to do it, so there is a constant conflict. Knowledge comes in uncanny ways and one day I realized that this conflict is in my mind.

When we see a beach or quiet wilderness the mind goes there and it says to itself now that is where I want to be, quiet and peaceful. Only if??? Why is there a search for external crutches for inner peace? When the mind cannot find peace inside it looks for those crutches and hopes to find peace there. If you speak to someone who lives in Hawaii for example, they will tell you how stressed they are. While sometimes change in the external environment can make a difference (for a while) the peace has to be sought  from the inside. If you, who live in the “real” world with its maya (illusion) can still be peaceful inside, will have achieved true happiness. Knowledge that if the mind is at peace, everything else will appear peaceful will allow you to make peace with yourself and the world. If Po the Panda can find inner peace so can you!


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