Are We Animals?

We as humans rejoice over the power of choice we have. But how many of us use those powers for betterment of society and our lot. Across the world we hear stories about violence and hatred; and whom do we hate? Someone who is not very different from you. Think about it, and you will realize that we are all same at our core. All of us get angry, feel lustful, happy, sad and the plethora of emotional states that defines our existence. We live a very isolated world, which we call our family, our state, our country, our culture. If someone fits into that fabric that defines “us” we open our doors, else our doors remain shut. But go one level deeper and you will begin to notice that our differences disappear, and we are all made in the same likeness.

In human society we have the “Haves” who have excess of everything and the “Have Nots” who are in dearth of everything. This discrepancy is created because of the fear that guards our very fabric, the fear of loss, the fear of death, the fear of shame. This fear is our survival instinct. This fear causes those who “Have” to do things in excess, by abusing their right and creating this discrepancy. As our greed grows faster we move towards a situation of turmoil and our animalistic instincts triumph.

Spirituality is not about meditating sitting in a cave somewhere. It is about understanding our animalisitic instincts and moving towards those instincts that define us. We do this not for ourselves but for betterment of humankind because spirituality is humanness.


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