Dealing with loss of a loved one is never easy. What makes dealing with a loss of loved one difficult? Our memories of them perhaps, a shock runs through when you realize that this person wont be there to talk to or welcome you when you visit. It is usually a sense of disbelief followed by sorrow and then an apathy towards life. That moment when you realize the inevitability of life, of our existence, of how we go on as if it never going to end. Life is like a stream it moves constantly and even death cannot stop this very existence. However, we want to stop it… hold on to the memories… freeze that moment in time, however hard we may try this is not possible. At some point we realize the futility of the effort and move on.

However that moment, when we feel apathy is so important in our lives, because death is a bell that makes us realize that all of this is going to end. We can use that moment and shape it to change the way we live. Ask yourselves how much helpful I have been to the world and the people in it? In the answer to that question lies the path of freedom. Realizing that your circle should be extended beyond me and mine into the world is your ah ah moment. Once you realize that and extend your circle of giving, you will have achieved the tools to deal with your loss.


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