Service is a gift and to serve is our duty. Service if done with devotion allows you to create a space within yourself. This space expands during meditation, when fully nourished this space can encompass the whole world where everyone is treated with the same honor and respect. Just like a bigger home as a lot more space for things, a bigger mind has a lot more space for dealing with challenges with compassion. Divine love is compassion personified, to accept everyone as your own and is grow out of the small home to a bigger home is the objective of service. Organized service, something done as a chore is limited in value and therefore even after doing it you remain untouched. Service without devotion has no value to the human spirit. Engage in spontaneous service and you will see that will bring you much more satisfaction. If you make a resolution to do one good thing every day, however small or big, you will see the change in your life.



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