If music is the food for the soul play on!! Music is an amazing medium that can transcend the mind from the senses into the spirit. Not surprisingly some of the great saints in the world have used the medium of music for their transformation. Kabir and Surdas are two great examples in the Indian history who’s music was divine, and who reached divinity through their music. One of my favorite numbers of Kabir is Naiharwa. In this couplet the poet describes the longing for the divine in a few lines. Just like a lover misses their beloved, so much so that nothing can peek their interest except the union with their beloved, that same longing the poet expresses for the divine. This song creates the right mood for the mind to digress deep and lose touch for a few moments with the sensual world.

The day when my mind is overworking because their is so much to do, a piece of music like this calms me down and makes me realize the beauty that exists within each one of us. This beauty expressed through music connects us for a few moments with the divine. When we hear a lovely melody, the mind goes “aha” because in those moments it comes in touch with the inner divine, questions become wonder and the mind transcends.

PS: Some best renditions of the song can be found in Youtube. Recommended ones are by Rishi Nityapraya, Kumar Gandharva, Rashmi Agarwal, Kailash Kher and Puskar Lele.


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