We all have either stood in the witness stand or been a judge of others. However judgement is very tricky, because in every judgement their is always some bias. In my school was a girl – bright and intelligent – she was especially good in English. The class teacher use to dote on her and in English she always came first. She was tipped to top the School board in English. When the results came she got above average score but nowhere close to the top. The boy who came first was a good student but never the brilliant one in our class. Why? It was due to bias. One explanation, the class teacher was so biased that she inadvertently overlooked this young girls mistake many times leading to inflated marks.Thus the mystery for was solved. That same teacher who was good friends with my aunt, told her that I would account for nothing and for a while I believed it. Even now she has difficultly believing that I finished my Ph. D. Teachers who are always in the judgement seat need to be careful not to fall into such trap of bias.What I have learnt from those and other biases I have faced are 1) Believe in yourself 2) Don’t judge or underestimate anyone 3) Don’t let others dictate your life 4) Have a good mentor in your life 5) Be a mentor to others.


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