Who am I? That is a question I am trying to answer for many decades. As I continue my spiritual quest some answers reveal themselves. What I can say is who I am not? I am not what I see in the mirror, but something much deeper. Through my journey, I have learn’t hat there are many things that I am not and that the journey to the goal is more important than the goal itself.

I got this inspiration for the blog, during my meditation sessions, that implored me to write. I was reluctant as there are millions of blogs and bloggers, and I did see a purpose to add another to the list. However, I realized this writing was for myself and it allowed me to express what I felt at that very moment, and will help me in my journey. I will continue to write till my inner voice says so.

If you have something to share about your spiritual experiences do write in or put in your comments. My email is spirtualbeginings@gmail.com


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