Service is a gift and to serve is our duty. Service if done with devotion allows you to create a space within yourself. This space expands during meditation, when fully nourished this space can encompass the whole world where everyone is treated with the same honor and respect. Just like a bigger home as a lot more space for things, a bigger mind has a lot more space for dealing with challenges with compassion. Divine love is compassion personified, to accept everyone as your own and is grow out of the small home to a bigger home is the objective of service. Organized service, something done as a chore is limited in value and therefore even after doing it you remain untouched. Service without devotion has no value to the human spirit. Engage in spontaneous service and you will see that will bring you much more satisfaction. If you make a resolution to do one good thing every day, however small or big, you will see the change in your life.



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Desires arise in everyone, and the spiritual quest is also a desire for freedom. Without the desire there is no goal in life since we would be going moment to moment without having anything to look forward to. What is desire? It is a tendency in the mind to achieve something. Desire has three phases, first from the moment when the desire arises, second fulfilling of it and third completion of it. Once the desire is completed, the mind expands & in this feeling of expansion you feel full, satisfied. This feeling of fullness leads you happiness, you feel good, you want to be nicer to people than usual etc.

Just like bubbles arise in a wave the bubbles of desire arise in the mind. Since it is a tendency of the mind to go from one place to the other, it is not satisfied in that state of mind and wants to keep moving. Think about it, your new job, your new degree, your new love, it felt so good during the initial periods and then slowed waned away. Why does this happen, because the desire is for objects of the senses and not for the self.  When you (self) become full, life becomes full and problems become challenges. The spiritual journey is to desire for that fullness.

In some parts of the world where stray dogs roam freely in the street and you happen to be passing in your car in the night, they run behind the car at full throttle. Once they reach in front of the vehicle, they are confused at what to do? The go about their business, till they see another car and the cycle continues. Likewise in life we run behind certain things without knowing why we are doing it. In the process we trample all that comes in our way, hurt people, alienate friends, make foes and get tired. Once we reach the destination, we forget why we were running in the first place. Yes, it does feel good for a while but soon insecurities take over and we have to find another target.

While aiming for goals and achieving them is a good thing, if you stop and ask yourself why you are doing it, the journey to that goal will be far more meaningful. Otherwise you will keep running from pillar to post your entire life without reaching anywhere. So next time before your mind runs, stop and think for a moment how this goal can bring fulfillment to you and others.