Reflections into one self are an important aspect of the spiritual journey

Reflections into one self are an important aspect of the spiritual journey

As I sit into meditation every day the mind reflects, and every time it reflects it goes a bit deeper than before. When the mind is perturbed there are no clear reflections. By stilling the mind  reflections happen. As the reflections become clearer the confusions subside and the path becomes vivid.  The less ripples we create in the mind the more clearer the reflections. The more you meditate the less ripples get created. So let go and relax.




We as humans rejoice over the power of choice we have. But how many of us use those powers for betterment of society and our lot. Across the world we hear stories about violence and hatred; and whom do we hate? Someone who is not very different from you. Think about it, and you will realize that we are all same at our core. All of us get angry, feel lustful, happy, sad and the plethora of emotional states that defines our existence. We live a very isolated world, which we call our family, our state, our country, our culture. If someone fits into that fabric that defines “us” we open our doors, else our doors remain shut. But go one level deeper and you will begin to notice that our differences disappear, and we are all made in the same likeness.

In human society we have the “Haves” who have excess of everything and the “Have Nots” who are in dearth of everything. This discrepancy is created because of the fear that guards our very fabric, the fear of loss, the fear of death, the fear of shame. This fear is our survival instinct. This fear causes those who “Have” to do things in excess, by abusing their right and creating this discrepancy. As our greed grows faster we move towards a situation of turmoil and our animalistic instincts triumph.

Spirituality is not about meditating sitting in a cave somewhere. It is about understanding our animalisitic instincts and moving towards those instincts that define us. We do this not for ourselves but for betterment of humankind because spirituality is humanness.

There are moments in my life where I want to  get away from the world for sometime and be with myself. Those are difficult times because I know I cannot afford to do it, so there is a constant conflict. Knowledge comes in uncanny ways and one day I realized that this conflict is in my mind.

When we see a beach or quiet wilderness the mind goes there and it says to itself now that is where I want to be, quiet and peaceful. Only if??? Why is there a search for external crutches for inner peace? When the mind cannot find peace inside it looks for those crutches and hopes to find peace there. If you speak to someone who lives in Hawaii for example, they will tell you how stressed they are. While sometimes change in the external environment can make a difference (for a while) the peace has to be sought  from the inside. If you, who live in the “real” world with its maya (illusion) can still be peaceful inside, will have achieved true happiness. Knowledge that if the mind is at peace, everything else will appear peaceful will allow you to make peace with yourself and the world. If Po the Panda can find inner peace so can you!

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Tug of War: Source Wikimedia Commons

Think you are caught in the middle of tug of war, pulled constantly in both directions with no where to go, that is how it feels like when the mind is caught between opposites. This  a sort of vacillation results in a disturbance. A disturbed mind cannot focus on thing at hand, is constantly seeking attention, is churning… trying to break free. When can it break free? When one of two things happen, the cause of disturbance is sorted out or you realize the disturbance and the source of it. While the former can take a while to happen, the latter can happen almost instantly. If you bring to your awareness the disturbed nature of your mind and put your attention on it, the disturbance vanes. This process may take many iterations before the mind can be brought to rest. So being aware is the first step towards working on your disturbed state. The second step is employing the breath along with awareness, this I will deal with in a later blog.